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In house workshop 

March 2020

Language of emotions

  • Describe how children typically learn to comment about "private events
  • Understand the type of information adults  respond to when teaching children to tell us about their emotions, and  what may be missing for children with autism                 

Ben's Fund - FEAT of Washington


The Ben's Fund Mission is to provide support to children and young adults with autism through financial assistance and guidance.

Ben’s Fund,  provided through the FEAT of Washington, is a resource that may be  available to families who need financial assistance with services  specifically related to autism spectrum disorder treatment.  Ben’s Fund  provides grants of up to $1,000.00 per child.

Catalyst Datafinch

Check your child's progress 24 hours/day.  All of our families have access to Catalyst Datafinch

All of our families have access 24 hours/ day to review their child current programs and progress.  Here is the direct link -

Big news


We have expanded into a new office space with a convenient waiting area.

Link to Dr. Mary Barbera's Blog

Link to Mary Barbera's bog

Link to Dr. Mary Barbera's blog page. "Topics include the early signs of autism, the chances of autism  recovery, the importance of autism treatment, especially the use of ABA  and the Verbal Behavior Approach."